2020 New Year Greetings from Ambassador Saito


Ambassador’s Message

Ambassador Noria Saito
With best New Year’s wishes,

I would like to extend my New Year greetings to you at the beginning of 2020.

As is often the case, time flies so quickly. It has already been more than one year since I came into my office in the Marshall Islands in October 2018. Taking this occasion, please accept my sincere appreciation for your kindest cooperation.

The Marshall Islands has historically had close relations with Japan. Geographically, the Marshall Islands is a neighboring country across the Pacific Ocean. We have deep economic relations as well. The fisheries agreement between the countries enables Japanese vessels run fishery within the sea of the Marshal Islands. In the field of culture, Japanese TV programs are broadcasted and Japanese Speech Contest has been held every year. Regarding economic cooperation, we are implementing various programs and projects including dispatch of JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects. 

I look forward to further collaboration with the people of the Marshall Islands and in this regard, I would be more than grateful if you could take your time to check the Embassy’s Home Page and Face Book for updates of activities. 

Finally, I hope the coming year prove a very happy and prosperous one to you and yours.

May the relationship of our countries continue to develop even more.

Norio Saito
Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of the Marshall Islands