Economic Cooperation



February     9, 2024 Japan handed over Back Up Generators to MWSC under Enhancing Disaster and Climate Resilience Project in partnership with UNDP

September21, 2023 Japan handed over a School Bus to Majuro Seventh-day Adventist Schools System
September20, 2023 Japan handed over School Buses to Woja Elementary School and North Delap Elementary School

April         11, 2023 Groundbreaking Ceremony for “the Project for the Construction of Training and Operation Center of Maritime Security and Safety”

October    17, 2022  Signing of Exchange of Notes of Japan’s Grant Aid for The Project for Strengthening Capacity of Border Control for Responding to Infectious Diseases in Pacific Island Countries in partnership with IOM
​September27, 2022 Japan handed over waste bins and Safety equipment to the Marshall Islands
September  8, 2022 Japan hands over School Buses to Ajeltake Elementary School, Laura High School and Majuro Cooperative School
August      31, 2022 Japan handed over medical ship to MOHHS
July            8, 2022 Japan handed over medical ship to MOHHS
March       18, 2022  Japan grants 3 projects on infrastructure, solid waste and fuel: Signing and Exchange of Notes
March       16, 2022 Japan Grants School Buses toAjeltake Elementary School,Majuro Cooperative School,and Laura High School

September  6, 2021 Japan handed over fishery equipment to MIMRA
August      11, 2021 Japan Hands Over 3 School Buses
July          27, 2021  Two Japan’s Grant Aid Projects announced in the PALM9
May          31, 2021  Japan handed-over boats and radio communication system to MNRC
April         28, 2021  Handing-over of Fish Base to Utric Atoll Local Government
March       23, 2021  Japan granted a New Bus to Delap Public Elementary School 
February   12, 2021  Japan handed-over equipment for oil spill treatment to EPA
February     1, 2021  Japan granted Diesel Fuel to MEC

December   3, 2020  Japan Supports Sea Transportation for Likiep Atoll Local Government
December   2, 2020  Signing of the Agreement on Technical Cooperation Between Japan and the Marshall Islands
October     29, 2020  Japan Hands Over Wood Waste Chippers To Majuro Atoll Waste Company
October     15, 2020  Japan Hands Over a New School Bus To Long Island Elementary School
September 17, 2020  Japan’s Grant Aid: Improvement of Water Reservoir at Majuro Atoll
August        6, 2020   Japan Handover Newly Constructed Dormitory for MIHS
July           29, 2020   Japan hands over basic medical equipment to Marshall Islands
June          23, 2020   Japan Constructed a New Water Cistern in Namdrik Atoll
June          11, 2020 Japan’s Grant Aid for Improvement of Medical Services in Marshall Islands
May          14, 2020   Japan Hands Over a New School Bus for Majuro Middle School
April         28, 2020   Japan Hands Over the Newly procured School Bus to Assumption School
March       19, 2020   Signing Ceremony of Two Japan’s Grant Aid to Support Stable Power Generation and Maritime Security
March         6, 2020   Long Island Elementary School in Majuro Atoll is granted a School Bus
February   12, 2020   Ground-breaking ceremony of 'the Project for the Installation of Solar Electricity Generation System in Ebeye

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